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Project Development

Solar power is the future and the solar industry is a growing industry in Australia, and it’s only going to get bigger. Not only is solar cheaper for the consumer and more environmentally friendly, it also creates jobs in areas like engineering, construction and design.

The International Financial Corporation (IFC) states that while each photovoltaic solar project may follow a different “road map”, the fundamental steps for developing a solar PV project are already established. They also specify that the process involves many stages and requires “a multi-disciplinary team of experts”. Shakra Energy is that multi-disciplinary team of experts necessary to drive your project to success.

Our team already has extensive experience in setting up solar plants, having established numerous solar power plants over 10MW in highly regulated environments. Whether you’re establishing a solar plant or another kind of project, our experts are ready to take the journey with you.


Identifying and Analysing the Location

Before construction of the plant even begins, it’s necessary to find the right location and its connection point to the grid. The process requires approval from local authorities. Our strong relationships and business sense allows us to meet these regulations effectively.

While the local authorities generally provide the location point to the grid, several crucial issues need to be resolved in order for construction to commence. With our wealth of experience and expertise, Shakra Energy is able to skilfully negotiate those issues. Our partnerships around the world and competent planning ensure that things will proceed as smoothly as possible.


Documentation & Negotiations

There are many steps included in this process including land rights, documentation and development and signing of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This is again where Shakra Energy’s expertise comes in handy when working with the regulations and signing the contracts.

The Building of Infrastructure

This includes everything from the construction of necessary roads and walls to the hiring of security staff. Once the infrastructure is in place, equipment is delivered to the site.  Sharka Energy’s experience means that they can successfully navigate these processes for you.


The construction process is another area in which Shakra Energy draws up on our strong relationships, this time with contractors.


Ground Mounted Solar Panels

PV plants include ground mounted solar panels. Some advantages of this include:

  • Such panels can be placed wherever they need to be to maximise energy production. Rooftop panels may not have such flexibility.
  • They’re more efficient. The additional room below them allows for a freer circulation of air.
  • They’re easier to maintain. There’s no need to climb up on the roof to do so.
  • Unlike roof-mounted ones, they do not need to be disassembled for you to work on them.
  • They’re easier than roof-mounted panels to expand in the future.

Advantages That Ensure The Sucess of your Project

There are many ways that Shakra Energy work to ensure the success of your solar venture:

  • Our project management team is highly efficient, with extensive experience in the field and a track record of proven successes.
  • We work with international teams of specialists for on-site implementation, engineering and management of projects.
  • We co-operate closely with national and international developers.
  • We have flexible development models, including project planning for unused areas, cooperative development, and the assumption of project responsibility.
  • Detailed opinions from topographical experts allow us to realistically assess the physical properties of an area.
  • We produce optimal layouts of grounds, systems, and modules.
  • As well as shade analysis with 3D models and simulations.
  • We keep the cost secure and under control through strict but fair cooperation agreements.
  • IEC, DIN, and VDE standards compliance incorporated from the planning phase.
  • Our development models are flexible, including green field development, co-development, and quick takeover.

Beginning with development, Shakra Energy can take you through the whole process of running your own solar PV project including finance and investment, rigorous management and maintenance, operations and management and looking after your business’s bottom line.

There is no stage of the process we aren’t prepared to bring our proven skills and professionalism to, so to find out more and to start the process contact us online or call us on 1300 512 662.