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Project Design & Engineering

Already a booming industry, solar is only going to get bigger, and Shakra Energy will stay at the forefront of that. We’ve already successfully implemented a number of solar projects, including over 50 in Australia. We can help you achieve greatness with your solar project during every phase, from development and investment to operations, management and ongoing maintenance. We work with only the best in the business, sourcing ‘Tier One’-level products, engineers and installers.

Among the many large and small-scale projects we’re happy to help bring to fruition, two of our specialties are solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants and solar farms. With advancements in PV power now making it possible to generate useful solar power even on cloudy or rainy days, solar projects now provide an even more dependable and reliable income stream. Landowners can diversify their income with a Shakra Energy solar farm – one of the hardest working and most reliable types of solar farms in the world. We offer a full turnkey solar farm service through every step of the process ranging from grid connection and planning approval to construction and, of course, design and engineering.


We engineer the parameters of our PV plants in order to provide the very best in financial results. We provide all the necessary services for corporations, investors and individuals to identify, validate, finance, execute and operate solar PV plants. Our project design and engineering quality comes not only from the calibre of the products we use but from the superior skill of our engineers and designers.

There are many considerations when it comes to designing an ideal solar farm. There’s the importance of making sure the technology meets certain standards. There’s ensuring that it’s robust and reliable, and looking after the safety of both the personnel and the public. There’s considering the civil and structural design of your project and how you can safeguard against risks such as flooding. If it all seems like a lot to consider, that’s why it pays to allow Shakra Energy to assist you.


The Shakra Energy Difference

Here at Shakra Energy, our engineers have gained experience from working in conjunction on MW plants. Abiding by standard plant engineering, we use our expertise to meticulously arrange PV plant parameters to maximise plant value and financial results. We do this a few different ways: through the experience and skills of our engineers, our access to top-quality ‘Tier One’ solar products, and our unbeatable price-performance ratio. We work hard to bring you the best returns while using the highest calibre of parts.

Since no two projects are the same, Shakra Energy designs them to maximise electricity yield and minimise LCOE by considering factors such as local irradiance, weather, soil, wind, topography, layout, technology selection, and system configuration.

Having already engineered several global utility-scale power plants, we provide customers with a complete system of design and engineering services. Working in co-operation with experienced teams, we provide sophisticated and professional services through every stage of the process, consistently following guidelines and standards to ensure reliability and safety.


Advantages of working with Shakra Energy


We have international engineering and management specialists plus proven and experienced project teams.


We pair our extensive engineering know-how with state-of-the-art technology.


We comply with DIN industry norms and VDE guidelines.


We utilise top-quality key components from bankable suppliers.


We use top-quality master-slave inverters and low-loss transformers.


We optimise our cabling for direct current losses of less than 1%.


Every step of each of our projects is scheduled in a way you can depend on.


There’s a guarantee of very high-performance that ensures success.


You can trust us for the highest possible level of power plant performance capability, reliability, and safety.

Get In Touch

Shakra Energy is motivated by the desire to see your solar investment succeed, now and long into the future. Our expertise doesn’t end with Project Design and Engineering. Our dedicated team are each to see you succeed each step of the way including development, investment, management, procurement and maintenance. If you’re eager to work with Shakra Energy, contact us online or call us on 1300 512 662.