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Global Solar Solutions

Despite being Australian-owned and operated, Shakra Energy is truly a global company. We’re globally recognised, involved in global partnerships and responsible for successful projects around the globe. The solar projects that we’ve implemented so far are worldwide and so is our positive reputation. Across many countries and continents we have access to business partners, major financial institutions, capital and “Tier One” quality materials and employees. That’s why on top of offering you Smart Solar Solutions, we also provide Global Solar Solutions. These solutions work no matter which corner of the globe you plan to build your investment in. We look forward to working on them with you.

Like Shakra Energy, solar power is a growing force that’s making its impact felt all around the world. In 2018, an analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance declared that solar and wind are due to generate 50% of the world’s energy by 2050. By the end of 2015 solar was already producing 1% of all the electricity used globally. As the world grows increasingly aware of the effects of climate change and proactive in seeking solutions, the benefits of investing in solar will only further increase.


Solar Farms

Our solar farms are regarded as being among the highest-quality and most efficient in the world. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny, cloudy or rainy outside. Using solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, our farms can continue producing energy and provide you with an ongoing source of revenue. This revenue isn’t dependant on the whims of the weather or the fluctuations of the market.

Our full-scale solar farm service makes it easy for you by handling every step of the process, including an initial feasibility study, planning approval, grid connection, financing, design and engineering, materials, construction by our in-house team and life-time maintenance.


Commercial Rooftop Solar

Any commercial solar system must be reliable and trustworthy. The vendor you choose to install your solar panels should not only have a good grasp on the technology, but an understanding of the financial issues involved as well. That’s why when it comes to powering your commercial building with solar, it pays to invest in the expertise of Shakra Energy. We’ll competently take you through every step of the process and help you manage finances, installation and maintenance.

Our prior successes speak for themselves. We’re responsible for the largest rooftop solar project in the southern hemisphere: the 6MW solar system at Brisbane Airport.


Solar Carports

Shakra Energy like to be at the forefront of technological advances, especially when renewable energy is concerned. Solar carports are quite a new technology in Australia but as the market for them grows, we aim to help more individuals and businesses access the power of this innovative new technology.

Also known as solar canopies, solar carports are built to cover parking areas and offer the convenience of not having to find space to put ground-mounted solar panels. While your car stays protected from the elements, the overhead solar panels continuously generate electricity. It’s a win both for the environment and for your own convenience..


Large Scale Solar

Shakra Energy can work on solar projects of varying shapes and sizes, including large-scale solar projects. Although also relatively new in Australia, large-scale solar projects are on the rise, with the six largest solar plants in the country built in 2018.

No matter the size of your solar project, Shakra Energy have the skills and the resources to do it justice. Having completed the largest rooftop solar project in the southern hemisphere, we’re excited to be a part of the future growth – in more ways than one – of solar power.


Utility Scale Power Plants

One of Shakra Energy’s specialties is our full-scale power plants, which generate electricity consistently at a fixed-price rate. We can take you through every stage of the process of constructing one of these solar PV power plants, from developing the project to finding the right parts to making sure the plant continues to generate revenue long into the future. Our plants are backed by our expertise, access to “Tier One” materials and of course global relationships.

The benefits to working with us on your solar PV plant are numerous: concrete support, venture capital, target-driven work goals and established expertise, among others.


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