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Financing & Investment

The benefits of solar energy are numerous and well-established. However, to get the most out of your solar investment, advanced technology needs to be paired with financial savviness.

That’s where Shakra Energy can help. With our strong financial relationships and in-depth knowledge of local tax incentives, Shakra Energy ensures that each customer receives the maximum return for solar energy that they possibly can.

These days, solar is the practical choice for businesses, with technology consistently improving and renewables the environmentally-friendly energy option. With electricity prices set to rise, there are also the financial benefits to renewable energy. Sunlight is always free, and the renewables sector is only going to keep growing.


Australia is in the midst of an investment boom for solar and renewable energy. According to estimates from the Clean Energy Council, there are currently $20 billion dollars worth of wind and solar farms under construction, or soon to be under construction, in Australia. Businesses from breweries to accommodation providers and farmers have embraced renewable energy. Such a booming industry means more jobs in a variety of fields. Among them are electricians, roofers and sales representatives.

The growth of renewables has also created more opportunities for investors. With sunlight a free and limitless resource, most of the costs of investing are upfront. Solar panels can last for over 25 years, a perfect time period for you to see long-term returns. Lower operating costs mean panels are likely to generate consistent returns throughout their long lives. The investment is also relatively low-risk thanks to measures such as long-term power purchase agreements.
Your very own solar project is in itself a kind of investment. And like all investments, you want it to be profitable.


Debt and Equity Financing

When it comes to obtaining capital for the business, companies generally have a choice between debt and equity financing. Debt financing involves borrowing a fixed sum from a lender (for example, a bank or other kind of financial institution) and paying it back with interest. Equity financing is the sale of part of a business to an investor (friends or family, angel investors, venture capital firms etc) in exchange for capital.

If you’re new to running a business, the choice can be a confusing one. How do you know which method of obtaining capital to go with? Shakra Energy has both the financial knowledge and the financial capital to help you make the right decision and to help you obtain the funds you need. Sharkra Energy have access to major financial institutions worldwide, along with the skills to navigate through options and incentives.  We also offer venture capital for interim financing.

Commitment to Maximum Returns

At Shakra Energy we’re dedicated to ensuring that you always get the highest possible returns on your investment. For example, we ensure that our PV plants deliver maximum financial results by applying our knowledge and experience to meticulously configure PV plant parameters.


We stay knowledgeable on local tax incentives to ensure you get the most from wherever you decide to build your investment.


We provide other useful related services like financial modelling and financial and energy reports.


We keep our local contracts small-scale and cost-effective, further increasing profit for your business.


We intend to keep renewable energy and especially solar one of the most profitable enterprises for both business owners and investors. That means making sure it keeps paying off for you.

Get In Touch

Finance and investment is one of Shakra Energy’s areas of specialty but it’s not the only one. We offer guidance through the whole process of setting up your solar PV project ranging from expert development advice to management and maintenance to operations and management. There is no stage of the process that we can’t handle, so contact us online or call us on 1300 512 662.