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Operations and Solar Panel Maintenance

There are a lot of steps that go into establishing a solar project: development, procurement, finance and investment, design and engineering. It’s a process that takes a lot of hard work and in-depth knowledge to undertake. And once the project is up and running, you still need professionals to maintain it and to help you generate revenue from it long into the future.

Consistent work goes into the ongoing operation of your solar project and the maintenance of its solar panels: cleaning, checking for faults or defects and the ongoing inspection – and if necessary, repair – of all components. It’s not a responsibility you want to leave in the hands of amateurs. Shakra Energy has a proven track record of successfully implemented and maintained large and small-scale solar projects both in Australia and abroad. Our strong worldwide partnerships and drive towards continuously improving mean we want the best for your solar project, whether it’s a solar farm, a solar power plant or another kind of venture.


At Shakra Energy our goal is simple: to optimise our customer’s power plants and other solar projects so that they can produce the maximum amount of energy – and as a result, revenue – throughout the span of their operational lives. Proper operations and maintenance is one of the critical factors that determine the quality of the returns. Renewable energy is a growing industry worth investing in. And thanks to advances in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology that has made it reliable in all kinds of weather, the industry is only going to grow stronger. Whatever your business, now is the ideal time to come on board.
Shakra Energy has experience in plant optimisation, advanced diagnostics and a high-calibre team, plus consultants on hand to make sure the project consistently generates solid, higher-than-expected earnings.


We are invested in your future

With Shakra Energy, the financial future of your investment is in capable hands. Let us take charge of your operations and the preservation of your solar panels.

Advantages of working with Shakra Energy

Advantages to working with us are numerous and include:


Our commitment to looking after your yield. We spend our time formulating and applying both preventative and enhancing maintenance concepts in order to drive your project to both a higher level of performance and an increased level of environmental sustainability.


We utilise high-quality, efficient service and administration in order to reduce your levelised cost of energy (LCOE).


We have a flexible service portfolio and offer our clients the ability to freely choose from a number of services such as project and performance testing, emergency response, energy monitoring, corrective and reactive maintenance, project operation diagnosis, insurance management, environmental advice and revamping / retrofitting, among others. We can put together a portfolio that best suits your needs, whatever they may be.


Our qualified engineering team offer high-quality assistance with an extremely fast reaction time.


We use safe and reliable methods of data storage for your protection and security.


Our dedication towards acquiring strong relationships extends to institutional third parties, such as grid operators and government agencies, who can help to improve system optimisation for your investment.


In order to achieve the best performance for your project, we operate under quality control standards and under the protocol of continuous improvement.

Our Successes

We specialise in high-quality solar farms and full-scale power plants. Australian-owned and operated, we’ve successfully completed more than 50 projects domestically. We have our share of international successes too.

Some of our successes have made the news, such as our PA Central Solar Carpark in the Brisbane suburb of Buranda. The project contained hundreds of solar panels, generated power for an office and retail building.

At Brisbane Airport we installed a solar PV project consisting of 22,000 panels – the largest solar system of its kind in the southern hemisphere. It’s capable of generating more than 9,315,000 kilowatt hours a year.


Get In Touch

Operations and solar panel management are somewhat advanced stages of the project. You may be still aiming to get it off the ground. But no matter what stage you’re at, Shakra Energy can help you take the next step. We want to see you succeed beyond your own expectations, so get in touch with us to discuss your goals. Contact Us online or call us on 1300 512 662. You won’t regret it when your solar investment continues to yield profit for you long into the future.