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Project Procurement

Procurement refers to obtaining the parts that are needed to make the whole run smoothly. This can seem overwhelming to those new to running a business. How do you make sure you select the proper components to keep your investment operating at top quality?

This is one area, like many others, where Shakra Energy can help you. With a track record of success stories already behind us, we aim to meet all of your solar needs – and that includes procurement.

We’ve developed a centralised procurement platform which smoothly runs and leads chains of supply. Our network of affiliated solar products manufacturers and suppliers co-operate in order to deliver high-quality parts to construction sites in a timely manner. We’ve established broad connections with internationally recognised solar suppliers and we’re professional in terms of both our quality control and cost optimisation.


We use ‘Tier 1’ products, which are the highest quality solar PV products on the market. So you know that by working with us, you’re working with the highest standards of quality. Our ongoing commitment to quality is motivated by the desire to see you succeed with an investment that keeps on yielding high returns.

There are a number of potential steps involved in solar procurement: analysing compliance issues, getting a team together, arranging financing and contracting. Our team at Sharkra Energy is experienced at handling each of these steps for you.


PV Plants and Solar Farm

Here at Shakra Energy we can work on all kinds of solar projects both large and small-scale. Our selection of previous successes, more than 50 in Australia alone, has given us a deserved reputation for getting the job done well.

Two of our major speciality areas are solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants and solar farms. We can guide you through every aspect of these modern, environmentally-friendly projects, ranging from the pre-planning stages right through to ongoing maintenance.

Advancements in PV technology mean that even on cloudy or rainy days, solar cells now convert into useful energy. That means owners of agricultural land can now add an additional income stream by building a solar farm on their property. We specialise in every step of the process of building full turnkey solar farms, ranging from grid connections and planning approval to contracts and construction.


Another one of our specialties is the construction and ongoing maintenance of solar power plants. These environmentally-friendly plants offer an ongoing supply of clean, renewable energy and revenue for you, the owner. This ongoing source of energy is at a fixed-rate price, so you can avoid cost hikes during higher periods of activity.

Whatever your project, there are many factors involved in working with us that will increase your likelihood of success: support that you can count on, venture capital, trustworthy knowledge and proven experience. Visit our other pages to see how we can take you through every step of the process to ensure maximum returns.

Advantages of working with Shakra Energy


We have a robust supply chain which includes a global network, strong purchasing power, and timely delivery of essential parts.


We possess an integrated planning, scheduling, and execution system.


Recently there has been a significant improvement in cost reduction and installation speed for solar components, and we aim to stay at the forefront of that.


Our partners are experts at what they do and perfect for the role, with leadership, experience, and technical know-how.


Our centralised supply chain makes management and delivery of parts more effective.


We select the best components and equipment with respect to quality, price-performance ratio and harmonisation.


We pick key components of the highest quality from premium bankable suppliers.


Our strict cooperation agreements with our partners and one another make for cost control and security.


We can leverage buying power and optimise project costs.


We’re consistently working towards reducing the costs for you.

Contact Us

Here at Shakra Energy we don’t just handle procurement but every possible aspect of the construction and maintenance of your solar PV investment. To get started contact us online or call us on 1300 512 662.