Brisbane Airport Corporation
Brisbane Airport Corporation
Brisbane Airport Corporation
Brisbane Airport Corporation
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An Australian owned and operated company utilizing a network of global and national partnerships delivering world class Solar Engineering developments both in Australia and abroad. Domestically Shakra Energy and its partners have successfully completed over 50 commercial solar projects resulting in efficient & effective response times to O & M matters We source ‘Tier One’ products, engineers and installers. We validate ,finance and execute solar saleable projects. Thanks to this wealth of experience and contacts we have been able to successfully implement our business model in various markets by combining the strength of major-­‐league tier one technology partners with small scale, cost effective local contracts.

Successfully completed 100KW
Commercial Solar Carport & Solar Roof Top
Structure Project

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Tuesday 19 September 2017: Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is investing in a major renewable energy Solar PV project capable of generating more than 9,315,000 kilowatt hours a year.

The 6MW system, consisting of 22,000 panels spanning an area of 36,000 meters squared or more than twice the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), will be installed across six sites at Brisbane Airport (BNE).

Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal alone will support 1.98MW with 7,133 panels covering more than 11,675 square metres, making it the largest single roof top solar panel installation at an Australian airport and BNE and the largest commercial roof top solar system in the Southern Hemisphere.

What Our CEO Says
Sam brings more than 20years experience in innovative delivery in the areas of property development together with commercial Solar energy. Sam specialize in the development and project management Of roof top, commercial and utility solar system. He has represented Multi National form China & Germany and managed projects across Australia.Delivering a turn key commercial solar system with the minimum amount of fuss.

“To recieve feed back from business and building owners , that have ssen saving of up to 41%, payback periods in less than 5 years, is certainly a business I am proud to lead.”

Sam Khalil