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Shakra Energy is an Australian-owned and operated company delivering industry-leading solar solutions both here and abroad. We’re developers of both on-grid and off-grid applications. We source “Tier One” engineers, products and installers, meaning only those with the best reputations in the industry. We also validate, finance and execute solar saleable projects. We work in conjunction with highly competent solar research and development facilities and technological innovators and utilise global and national partnerships to stay on the cutting edge of developments.

Our wealth of experience and commitment to quality means that we’ve been able to successfully implement our business model in various markets by combining the strength of major-league tier one technology partners with small-scale, cost-effective local contracts. Domestically, we’ve already successfully completed over 50 commercial solar projects with efficient and effective responses to solar operations and maintenance matters.

Shakra Energy

Smart Solar Solutions

At Shakra Energy, we don’t just complete solar projects. We offer Smart Solar Solutions. Solutions that are effective, environmentally-friendly and good for your business. Our wealth of experience and track record of previous successes makes us experts in our field.


Solar Project Development

When it comes to developing a solar project, it pays to enlist the help of the best in the business. Whether your venture is a solar farm, a solar power plant or another large or small-scale enterprise, Shakra Energy is the company to work with. We have a range of successes already under our belt, giving us a proven track record for professionalism and efficiency. Shakra Energy is that multi-disciplinary team of experts necessary to drive your project to success.


Solar Financing and Investment

The benefits of solar energy are numerous and well-established. However, to get the most out of your solar investment, advanced technology needs to be paired with financial savviness. That’s where Shakra Energy can help. With our strong financial relationships and in-depth knowledge of local tax incentives, Shakra Energy ensures that each customer receives the maximum return for solar energy that they possibly can.


Solar Project Design and Engineering

When it comes to the design and engineering of your project, Shakra Energy have the same motivation as we do during every other step and stage of the process. We want to make sure you receive the maximum return from your investment. Already a booming industry, solar is only going to get bigger, and Shakra Energy will stay at the forefront of that. We’ve already successfully implemented a number of solar projects, including over 50 in Australia.


Project Procurement Management

Solar power is beneficial not only for the environment but also for the future of your business, not to mention its ongoing running costs and efficiency. At Shakra Energy, we aim to use our expertise to guide you through every step of the process, including the procurement of solar modules and necessary system components.


Solar Project Construction

Shakra Energy has already completed a number of solar projects both in Australia and overseas. On a purely local level, we have over 50 under our belt. Some of them you may be familiar with. One of these is Brisbane Airport’s ground-breaking rooftop solar project, the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.


Operations and Solar Power Maintenance

Shakra Energy has experience in plant optimisation, advanced diagnostics and a high-calibre team plus consultants on hand to make sure the project consistently generates solid, higher-than-expected earnings.

Shakra Energy

Invest in the future

Here at Shakra Energy we offer the chance to invest in the future. The future of both the planet and the electricity industry. As power bill costs continue to rise and the public grows justifiably more concerned about carbon emissions and pollution, we aim to lead the way towards a cleaner and more efficient alternative.

Shakra Energy

Global Solar Solutions

Solar Farms

Here at Shakra Energy we work with a number of clients from fast food to aged care, schools to hospitals on a number of projects of various sizes. Two potential projects we can undertake are full-scale solar farms and solar power plants.

Our solar farms draw on advancements in PV (photovoltaic) technology so that landowners can reap the benefits. With solar cells now providing a regular and useful source of energy regardless of weather conditions, we can help landowners diversify their income by setting up efficient solar farms on their land. These solar farms are among the best in the world and can produce consistent revenue regardless of changes in the market.

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Commercial Rooftop Solar

Recently, Shakra Energy was the proud developer of the ground-breaking project at Brisbane Airport with the largest rooftop solar panel installation at an Australian airport and the largest commercial rooftop solar system in the Southern Hemisphere. This is just one of our many projects Globally.

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Solar Carports

Through solar car parks, businesses, such as shopping centres, can save money by generating their own power and power for their tenants. Shakra Energy’s innovative PA Central rooftop solar project is the largest construction of its kind in Australia. Shakra Energy took an under-utilised carpark space and transformed it into clean energy, as well as provided protection for shoppers and their vehicles.

“Value adding to commercial spaces with solar panels to car parks provides a logical renewable energy solution.”
Federal Member for Oxley, the Hon Bernie Ripoll MP

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Large Scale Solar

At Shakra Energy we also specialise in Solar Farms & Ground Mounted Solar Power. With the advances in solar PV (photovoltaic) technology, solar cells now provide useful energy even on cloudy or rainy days. Agricultural landowners are now able to diversify their land use, solar energy generation can provide a stable, secure additional income stream, free from market price fluctuations. Shakra Energy solar farms are regarded as the most efficient, highest-quality solar farms in the world. As technology leaders in solar energy generation, we maximise revenue from our solar farms and pass it on to landowners in the form of substantial land rental income.

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Utility Scale Power Plants

When it comes to power plants, we offer valuable and top-quality energy solutions services throughout the plant’s entire life cycle: the development of the project, its engineering and design, investment, financing, obtaining the right components for the system plus system optimisation, construction and management.

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Shakra Energy

Investors and Partnerships

Shakra Energy

Benefits of Working With Us

There are countless benefits to working with Shakra Energy including:

  • High quality power plant solutions supported by a globally recognised insurance company. This means a guaranteed safe return on your investment.
  • Access to major worldwide financial institutions around the globe enabling maximum solar returns for customers and partners.
  • Maximum value for revenue without the financial risk of working with a les reputable company.
  • A one-stop place to easily access power plant investment services.
  • Tangible, experienced support in developing your project.
  • Access to venture capital in order to assist with financing.
  • Target-orientated, collaborative work.
  • Knowledge and experience cultivated from developed and approved PV projects.
  • Proven expertise in developing concepts for regional energy projects

Contact us to find out more about how Shakra Energy can meet all your renewable energy needs.

Shakra Energy

Our Projects

Some of Shakra’s successes so far include:

  • A 100KW solar carport and solar roof top structure project.
  • A 6MW solar system, featuring 22,000 panels, installed at six sites at Brisbane Airport, Queensland. So far, this is the largest roof top solar project in the southern hemisphere. It’s capable of generating 9,315,000 kilowatt hours a year and covers an area more than twice the size of the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).

Our Services Portfolio

Project development assistance
Global project pipeline access and recommendations
Technical consultation and preliminary system design
Reference database access and site visit
Financing projection and analysis
Bridge financing solutions proposal
System components resourcing

Our Specialties

We specialise in a number of renewable energy projects and developments suited to both national and international customers.


  • Distributed solar generation (SPPA)
  • Wholesale Distributed Solar PV Generation
  • Centralised Retail Solar PV Generation
  • Master Energy Supply Agreement
  • Sub-tennats solution
  • Shakra Energy Technical Solutions

Some of our local and international clients


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