Benowa McDonald’s

April 29, 2019

Benowa McDonald’s, located on Australia’s Gold Coast, is the first McDonald’s to go green with solar. NextGen NRG recently installed 124 solar panels and a commercial scale 25KW Multi-Input Power System at the restaurant.

The key feature of the MPS is how the system distributes power between storage and usage, making sure the batteries aren’t depleted quickly by power hungry appliances. The MPS system has the ability to control all of the input and output load currents. The MPS units can be scaled up or down to meet residential or commercial needs. When utilized commercially, the MPS reduces peak demand, lowering the cost that businesses pay per kilowatt hour.

Benowa McDonald’s expects to save 20% of power costs on the original main. They are not concerned about running out of renewable power stores in his restaurant, as the MPS is set up to ensure that power outages do not occur, “if we run out of power in the gel batteries before the sun’s up again the next morning, it seamlessly, automatically transposes over into mains power”.

This automatic transition ability creates peace of mind when running a business, removing the uncertainty involved with utilizing traditional green power solutions alone, such as solar panels.