Industrial SOLAR Farm Developers
Solar Farms & Ground Mounted Solar Power
Get the most from your land
Advances in solar PV (photovoltaic) technology mean that solar cells now provide useful energy even on cloudy or rainy days. For agricultural landowners prepared to diversify their land use, solar energy generation can provide a stable, secure additional income stream, free from market price fluctuations. Shakra Energy solar farms are regarded as the most efficient, highest-quality solar farms in the world. As technology leaders in solar energy generation, we maximise revenue from our solar farms and pass it on to landowners in the form of substantial land rental income. If you are considering a solar farm on your land and want to maximise your earning potential, please get in touch.
We provide a full turnkey solar farm service
  • Initial feasibility study
  • Grid connection
  • Planning approval
  • Delivering all contracts
  • All financing requirements
  • System design and engineering
  • Materials manufacturing and procurement
  • Construction led by our in-house team
  • Lifetime operation and maintenance
Community Engagement
We believe it is important to develop solar projects that local communities can be proud of. We use our solar farms as an educational platform to raise awareness of the benefits of solar technology and promote sustainable values to schools and community groups.