Organisation Name: IGA WALGETT
System Size: 80.0 kW
Contact Name: Salil Ray
Contact Email Address: Provided Upon Request
Contact Number: Provided Upon Request
Project Name/Address: IGA Walgett, 36-38 Fox Street, Walgett , NSW 2832
Year: November 2014
Mounting: Roof
System Details: 320 X USP250 Mono + 5 X SMA STP 20.0TL 3 Phase 1 MPPT
Challenges: This building has some shading so it was important to design and optimise the configuration to address the shading on strings, I order to get maximum yield from the system.
Project Management Skills: This site had required project management skills from a traffic coordination perspective as it is located in a busy area of Wallget. It was important to coordinate the lifting of panels onto the roof in a short time frame as possible.